CPP film

Cast polypropylene commonly known as CPP and also widely known about its versatility and more appealing apperance comparing to other films like polyethylene.

Due to Cast polypropylene’s high clarity, high impact and tear resistance and excellent heat-sealing properties CPP is widely used in many industries: food produce, bakery, textile industry, florists and stationery businesses. The industries use the film in many ways: flexographic and rotogravure printing, reverse print in a lamination structure, food packaging, textile and stationery packaging, flower wraps etc.

  • Heat sealable (very strong seal).

  • High gloss .

  • Cold temperature resistant.

  • Superb machinability.

  • Resistant to tears and impacts.

  • Used in print, single ply and lamination applications.

  • Wide range of thickness : 25-150mu

  • surface energy 34-38dyn

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